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The calculator project

2012-03-16 13:47:41 by LakituGames

I am working on a flash gadget that will do lots of things. Actually it repeats what you say, I am planning on making it work as a calculator and other tasks, and I'll publish it as a project. If you have good knowledges about TGF2, contact me to join the project.

New idea.

2012-02-12 14:49:42 by LakituGames

I am working on a game that's actually in beta version. I need beta testers, who will be credited.
Some more details:
-There are actually 3 levels, I'll add more progressively.
-The graphics are not worked. I'll work on them once the levels will be finished.
-If you want to participate as a beta tester, a graphist or others, PM me or use the comments.


2012-01-05 12:17:20 by LakituGames

I had a so great idea I stopped my game that wasn't advancing an inch. This time, no hint, the surprise will be full.

Merry christmas!

2011-12-24 20:34:45 by LakituGames

It's Christmas everyone! I wish you a merry Christmas, and my gift will be ready soon.

My next game

2011-12-19 13:20:07 by LakituGames

I'm already working on my next game. This one will remind me my childhood.


2011-12-17 17:03:24 by LakituGames

Yeah! My first game is uploaded! Will it pass the judgement? I hope so.Why not trying it?


Creating a signature

2011-12-17 14:16:15 by LakituGames

OK, Fleexel is soon finished, I just have to make the tutorial, and... a picture as a signature for my games! Do you have an idea?

There's an idea...

2011-12-17 12:31:28 by LakituGames

I found a cool pixelized font. I'll use it for my next game, that I named Fleexel. But maybe this project will be aborted... I hope not.


2011-12-16 11:41:51 by LakituGames

My name on the web is Lakitu, or LakituKing when the first is already taken. I'm trying to make games with TGF2 Newgrounds Edition, and we'll see if it will be a masterpiece! (it won't)